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Grow Your Business with Effective Designing Tips For Your E-Commerce Websites

Written by Hemant Panchratan

June 28, 2020

E-commerce is growing day by day – everyone today is using a mobile phone. Mobile internet users have increased from 42% to 75% over the past two years. This has led to a rapid increase in e-commerce business.

For the rapid expansion of a business, selling of goods and services, and circulating funds, e-commerce is the key. E-commerce helps to increase the sales of any business without increasing the efforts.

Companies get to target a broader audience, which means the whole world can be a potential customer.

Furthermore, the company gets new users almost daily. The online presence of the business helps to engage with the customers in a better way. Hence, to change the sales and to make the business grow, e-commerce is something that one must go for. 

Why Is E-Commerce Necessary?

The business be it grocery, apparel, home and kitchen appliance, beauty products, accessories, and more, everything is today is available with a touch of a button. Online business is useful as it helps to make maximum customers. There is a windfall gain of customers every day. The web-based management system helps to reduce the manpower cost and save other operational costs too.

After setting an e-commerce website, the company goes for offering products that are data-based and not perception based. However, seeing the customer’s buying habits makes it easy for the company to position the right product to the right customer.

A digital marketing team helps to re-position the goods to the customers with the data available, which is the customer’s email address and phone number. Hence, with the digital branding of products, it becomes convenient to manage the customers and their demands. 

With a perfect positioning of the product, and with a digital marketing team, one can be a bigger brand than other brands available in the market. 

Tips For Designing E-Commerce Websites

With a perfect e-commerce website design, any company can increase its sales by almost 50%. 

  • Focus On The Products– One need not focus on hundreds of products and fail to provide information that the customers need. Therefore, it is always better to focus on one product, for example, comfortable shoes. Today the mindset of people is changing. Rather than going for stylish shoes, people prefer wearing a comfortable pair of shoes. Selling millions of products to make your sales growth is not at all necessary. Therefore, making shoes with soles that are away comfortable than those fancy ones by Gucci and Prada is possible. Solving the real and the major problem of people today that is comfort is much more critical. 
  • Target The Customers By Their Purchasing Habits– Always getting new customers is not possible; therefore, target those customers who have already purchased from you. That is to say, make the customer fall in love with the web page design. Make it very informative, easy to understand, and hassle-free for increasing sales.
  • Advertise Well- Advertising is another key to targeting the minds of people. Put ads on Google AdWords and Facebook. Both are great ways to put ads for any online business. Getting in touch with new customers socially really helps.
  • Services And Offers Play A Vital Role– Provide offers to first-time customers. This will surely help to make an impact on the customers’ minds. Leveraging subscription options will surely help to create new customers and to increase sales.
  • Target The People Or Customers Who Are Abandoned Buyers- With the recent news and data, 75% of people buy products only once and never come back? These are the people whom the company needs to target. Use their personal information that email id or phone number to reconnect with them. Send them offers by monitoring their shopping habits. By convincing them to buy from you is something that the company needs to work on.
  • Enhancing the checkout page of the web site is very important. Asking for personal information that is email or ph number or card details over and over again can be risky. Risky because either this will lead to the customer leaving the web page. Asking for repetitive information from the customer will lead to one time buyers. Minimizing fields that are keeping the checkout and the log in page quiet simple makes the customers happy. This will surely help to increase sales by almost 10%. 
  • Referral Programs – Companies can use referral programs to make customers develop an interest in the website. They are providing offers to people who log on to the web page. Moreover, these are marketing tools that help to gain new customers by providing special discounts for referring their site to others. Or maybe even by sharing their link with friends, family members, and other social groups. This will not only help create interest in people but will also make them buy products due to the many offers they get. The motive of the referral program is not just to increase sales but even the customer’s faith. Hence, the person who is joining the referral program and who is accepting the requests of the one who is sending the link both can benefit from such programs.

All the above-listed tips will help to increase sales and generate new customers who will continue buying from the e-commerce business. Each store must follow different advice to grow its sales and to make its position in the online market.

Web Designers Need To Think Out Of The Box To Attract The Audience

However, good web design is essential for e-commerce websites as what one sees online; one wants to buy. Therefore, while designing a web page for any e-commerce business, it is necessary to choose the correct color, attractive font, and beautiful and meaningful images for the visitors.

Web design needs to be convincing and appealing to attract new buyers. One thing to remember is to keep things quiet simple for everyone to understand. Furthermore, the given information needs to be authentic and reliable.

The e-commerce business needs to put their heart and soul in the branding of their products. This will help to build customers’ trust in the product as well as the company. Web site creators need to think like the audience. Ultimately, this will help them to connect with a larger audience and, on the other hand, will help to increase the sales for sure.

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