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A Small Guide on Instagram Marketing for Your Business

Written by Hemant Panchratan

November 27, 2020

Instagram Marketing

It is not new that Instagram is one of the extraordinary phenomena of social networks. Long ago, Instagram stopped being just a social network to share photos of the day’s trips and looks.

With the advent of new features, the social network has been attracting more and more entrepreneurs, as is the case with product advertisers.

Commercial profiles can access important algorithms that allow measuring the reach and engagement in publications. This type of profile will enable publications to be promoted, reaching a more significant number of people interested in what your product or service has to offer.

Creating a Business Instagram

The first step to start using Instagram at your company is downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. After that, create an account by entering a secure email and password. Once your account is created, it’s time to personalize it. 

Check out some tips to optimize your profile:

  • Choose a suitable username,
  • Write an explanatory description,
  • Set the profile photo,
  • Follow other profiles,
  • Advertise your presence on Instagram.

Using the Tool to Generate Leads

An efficient Instagram for businesses must drive their efforts through strategic goals. Whatever the plan you want to achieve, it should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Now that you know how to create a business profile check out our tips for generating leads on Instagram marketing.

  • Take advantage of your profile bio space – Describe your company in summary, highlighting the service or product offered. Besides, include external links to your page, be it a website or a blog article, where you will capture contacts.
  • Invest in CTA – In your posts or videos, be sure to include a Call-To-Action (an invitation for the user to go to their biography and click on the link provided).
  • Invest in video content – Video content usually draws a lot of attention from users. Besides, it will enable you to publicize your product or service better.
  • Invest in Ads – Instagram Ads is an excellent option to complement your organic strategy and generate even more leads. There are currently five ads on Instagram: photo ads, video ads, ads in stories, carousel ad, and collection ads.

Generate Engagement with the Tool

The best way to gain more followers and generate engagement on Instagram is to interact with your followers. Our tip for organically getting followers is to follow profiles of partners and people known in your area of ​​expertise.

It is essential to like and comment on these profiles’ publications so that proximity is created. In this way, followers of those profiles will get to know your brand and become potential followers and customers.

Following other profiles of influential brands in your environment and for your audience helps keep you updated on what these other companies are posting and sharing with their followers.

Use the Resources Available on Instagram.

Another tip is to use the various Instagram features to innovate in content and always be close to your followers. However, we need to remind you that it is only possible to achieve the best results and explore the network’s full potential when a strategy is outlined with clear objectives. With that, you will have good content to keep your leads engaged and interested.

Instagram marketing is an increasingly attractive tool. As with other social networks, Instagram now also offers the option to run paid ads. It is also possible to add hyperlinks in the ads so that people can directly access the website where you buy your product.

You can reach a broad audience when you pay for your publications to appear as an advertisement for those who do not yet follow your profile. Whether your goal is to increase your brand awareness, get more visits to your site, or increase your mobile app’s downloads, paid ads are a great solution.

Build a Community using a Hashtag

Developed by Twitter, hashtags categorize published content according to a resource very similar to keywords. Each hashtag is transformed into a hyperlink, responsible for directing people who search for those words to their related posted content. A good tip is to create your brand hashtag.

Build a relationship with your followers

One of the first things you should keep in mind when starting your marketing strategy is to define your primary audience. With Instagram marketing, it couldn’t be different. By understanding a little better who are the people to whom you want to sell and trade, it is possible to target the posted content to reach these people.

Promote your profile

As with other social networks, Instagram must be well-publicized to connect the brand and the company. If the institutional website or blog you created for your company has icons for sharing content on social networks, make sure you have one for your Instagram too. Another tip is to add a link to the company profile.

Have a posting calendar

It is essential to remember that your profile cannot be abandoned. A corporate profile that is not updated continuously makes followers lose more and more interest. After all, people follow you because they are interested in your profile and business and expect you to post new content.

Having a posting calendar helps you have greater control over what will be posted and contributes to a continuous publication flow.

Run contests that promote interaction

Instagram contests are seen as one of the most significant opportunities to publicize the brand. They are very similar to retail store promotions widely advertised to achieve the highest possible membership, generating many sales.

When participating in a contest, people need to share the posts, follow the ad profile, or invite other friends to join in the competition too. What could be more precious than reaching new audiences?

Track your metrics

The metrics of Instagram became great allies for companies using the application. It is possible to measure the number of views in the profile and the photos and videos and the ideal time of posting.

It is much easier to understand what type of content most appeals to your audience and how their engagement with your profile is going.

It is possible to measure the predominant age group among your audience, gender percentage, the main cities where these people meet, and which publications they make more successful.

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