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Why is Social Media Presence Necessary for Healthcare Business?

Written by Hemant Panchratan

January 8, 2021

These days, all the healthcare centers are on Facebook, but it is not just because of the digital Era; but the people driving health care brands are also to be thanked.

Now, given the number of people using the social media platform, Facebook is perhaps the best tool for anyone looking for less money or no money but a more profitable marketing platform.

This change has led people to be more active on social media than in their social lives. Further, it has opened the most efficient and exciting ways for the healthcare business to market their brand.

However, you must know that no matter how good you are, your social media presence will still be a part of the audience left untouched, or you might lag in some ways. So let’s check out the ways as to how to improve social media marketing for a healthcare brand.

Purpose of Social Media for Healthcare Brands

The sole motive of a healthcare brand is to meet the public’s need with authentic health-related information. Healthcare brand educates the masses and gives them up to date with the latest health issues that people need to know.

But you must know that social media is the platform people regularly use, so you need not miss out on good Communication at the right time to the right people using the right medium.

Type of Content is Useful for Healthcare Brands 

1. Health tips

Sharing health tips through the official website of the hospital is indeed the best way to communicate with the audience. You can share your health awareness messages plus tons of good authentic messages in the form of videos, lengthy Facebook posts, or images.

 2. Health Awareness days 

You might have already marked special days concerning health, especially those that fall under your specialty in the health calendar. Keeping this a priority, you need to create content on the health issues that signify today’s importance and share it on your Facebook page.

3. Health Campaigns

You can create health-related campaigns related to your specialty or area who a master in the field. You can update your offline campaigns through your website using innovative videos, images, and various other content forms.

4. Blogs and PR updates

PR updates through owned or paid media are essential to keep up with effective communication between you and the audience. It is a preferable way as it ensures the right length and depth of the Communication. However, see that the content you are sharing is engaging and super hooking for your audience.

5. Videos

Videos are of utmost importance for a healthcare marketing strategy that can be effectively promoted with your social media channels. The rate at which the video catches the attention is relatively high. Facebook live sessions help doctors create a bond and build trust with their potential clients.

Why should You be Using Facebook or Instagram Live?

There are several reasons why doctors need to interact with their patients with a Facebook live session. Let’s see some of the reasons why.

  1. About 60% of the social media users are going to trust your social media post and activity over the other brands or group.
  2. About 28% of health-related conversations support health-related causes on Facebook when 7% of people comment on health updates and experiences.

The above-given stats clearly show a need for authentic healthcare content to fill up the social media space and create awareness about trustworthy brands.

This is where the audience gives you an undeniable opportunity to use your expertise and be the savior you are through Ask Your Doctor of live chats or sessions.

However, make sure to maintain an interval at which you go live. The time you go live must not be very less, very long.

Further, make sure to choose the issues based on the audience’s request or something that meets the people’s needs on the burning issues that fall under your radar.

What should be Your Tone for Facebook Content?


Your Facebook post must be responsible and indicate real concerns for people’s health. At the same time, your nature of Communication must clearly show your healthcare brand’s actual culture.

Tone –

Based on your specialty and target audience, you need to decide the right tone to convey what you want to convey. However, make sure to maintain the same tone throughout the Communication as you are presenting your brand.

Use the Right Platform the Right Way with the Professionals Help

After following all the methods, the right way can undoubtedly be quite hectic and challenging. Further, one needs to see that they are using that form correctly or backfire on the brand.

Therefore, to ensure you are on the right track, make sure to take assistance from a professional company like Konvert Klicks. With help from the professionals of the company, you can market your healthcare business rightly.

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