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How to Get Google Index Your Website?

Written by Ankit Saxena

September 28, 2019


Once upon a time a mother of 4 children left his 2 years old child and left with other four children. After 20 years when they meet again they didn’t recognize each other. You know why? Because they don’t have the impression of each other for a long time.

Similar goes with Google and your website. If your website is not indexed then Google will not recognize it and thus provide no ranking to your website. Thus, it is important that Google crawl your full website and index it for further use and purpose.

Now, first, understand indexing and crawling –

Crawling – It is a process to follow all the links and discover new content.

Indexing – It is a process of storing all the web pages or web data in a big database system.

Web spider /Google’s bot/ Crawlers / Search Bots – These are the software designed to complete their target of Crawling all the web pages. They also help in indexing the website.

Now you might be wondering what happens after Google indexed your pages.

Well, whenever you search for anything in Google, you are basically asking Google to provide information stored in its database. But since there are millions of pages that will fit your search, Google makes its ranking algorithm work to sort and arrange all the pages for you so that you can have the best answers for your query.

And, also I would like to bring your attention that indexing and ranking are two different things.

Moving further, let’s know

How To Check Whether Google Indexed Your Website or Not?

It’s very simple to check whether your web pages and website is indexed in Google or not!

All you have to is to write site:website.com in the search box of Google.

Once you are done here you can see the number of pages Google has indexed your website as shown in the screenshot above.

And, if you want to check any specific web page indexation then you can search for


You can see how the result will appear in the below-mentioned screenshot.

And, if no result appears for that page, it simply means that your webpage is still not indexed by Google.

Let’s dig further and know how we can index our webpages.

There is another method as well which you can use to check the indexed page of your website.

If you already use Google Search Console or Google Webmaster tool then you don’t need to perform the above steps to know whether your website is indexed or not.

All you have to do is – Search Console -> Index -> Coverage

Once the page appears, you have to look at the number of valid pages both with and without warnings. There are few statements depending on the numbers you see, which are as follows:

If these two numbers are zero that means Google has indexed a few pages of your site, as shown in the above screenshot.

And, if you found numbers present there, then it means that there many problems going on your website and none of your page is indexed in Google.

Another idea to know whether the website and web pages are indexed or not is to use the Search Console again and paste the URL into the URL Inspection tool.

The URL you posted if indexed, then it’ll say “URL is on Google.”

If it is not indexed, “URL is not on Google” will be displayed. is on Google.”

Moving forward, we will now learn how you can index your website in Google or how you can index your particular web pages.

Steps & Ways To Index Your Website In Google –

Following these methods, you can easily understand the process of how you can index your web pages and site.

  • First, go to Google Search Console
  • Now, navigate to the URL inspection tool
  • After the second step, paste the copied URL, which you like to index into the search bar.
  • Now, wait for Google to check the URL you just posted.
  • After the above step, do click on the “Request indexing” button.

This process is most effective when you publish your any post or blog or page in your website. By this method, you are informing Google that you have added a new page/post/blog in your website which needs to be crawl as well as indexed.

In the End!

Indexing your whole website in Google to make it visible for the whole world with the internet as a medium is a great idea. This method will help you in targeting major audience, more leads, more traffic across the world.

Further, if your website is not indexed by Google then there are possibly only two reasons as mentioned below:

  1. Your website might be having more than usual technical issues.
  2. Might be possible that according to Google you have low-quality of content on this page making that particular page worthless.

Whatever be the reason, keep in mind that Google Indexing is important at any cost for all the valid pages.

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