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How to Fix Your Droping Website Traffic?

Written by Ankit Saxena

October 24, 2020

how can i improve my website traffic

Does your website have a low traffic rate?

Spending time building the website and not getting the expected results is frustrating. It can happen to both business and personal pages. “Why doesn’t my page have more visits?” Usually, the answer is not easy. It may seem like a time to pull your hair out, but some explanations justify this massive traffic drop.

So what is the cause of your website losing traffic? If you want to find out why your page or website lost impressions, clicks, or positions in Google Search results, check out this troubleshooting guide. Discover how to avoid it and ensure that your website is always online.


Reason #1 – Did you make any recent changes?

The most common cause of losing traffic is that you made changes to your site. It can seem confusing, as you would think that the changes should increase traffic. On the other hand, it signifies that you may forget to integrate certain aspects when you made those changes. Your new design may be significant and better for your audience, but you need your page to be SEO optimized.

Reason #2 – Your page is too slow –

It happens quite often. When we include new details to our pages, we need to make sure that they are optimized. No one admires slow loading websites. Who wants to wait for a webpage to load to acquire data?

They want the information quickly and immediately. If the web pages load too slowly, you will find yourself in the situation of having lost traffic.

  • How to fix it: Items like photos and videos with large files must be optimized. You need to check the page speed. It will help you figure out which elements are slowing down the page and how you can fix the problem. If you want to make the changes yourself, you can use Google Page Speed ​​Insights.

Reason #3 – You are not gaining backlinks –

The backlinks are a crucial part of SEO. It will help if you have backlinks to improve your website rankings and reach more credible leads. These backlinks bring new traffic to your site.

Backlinks drive potential customers to your website. You may have lost traffic if you aren’t gaining backlinks. It causes your business to have lost traffic due to loss of credibility.

  • How to fix it: The best way to combat this problem is to resume getting backlinks. It will help if you communicate d with authority sites continually. If you want to gain backlinks, you should consider content creation. Content creation is one of the best ways to earn backlinks. Do you wish to link authority sites to your page? Bet on gaining backlinks. 

Reason #4 – Users can change their behavior –

Losing traffic may have reasons that are not firmly under your control, and user behavior is one aspect. You cannot control users behave and specific changes in trends. It is a common occurrence in retail businesses.

Web traffic is enormous during the holiday season in the winter, but if you’ve lost traffic during the summer, don’t worry. It’s normal. Your business may also be experiencing this problem. There may also be trends that affect your business.

  • How to fix it: Some changes can happen every year, while others can cause something else. It is difficult to predict how changes will happen and what trends will evolve. The best thing you can do is control these things. You can use tools like Google Trends to monitor topics that are trending. It will give you an idea of ​​popular issues and how they can affect your business.


Maintaining a good website for your company can generate incredible results. If website traffic is not what you expect, it is essential to know the possible reasons.

  • Your site has no content – If website traffic is not right, a likely cause is a lack of content. Therefore, companies need to invest in information. The website content attracts visitors.
  • The subject is too broad – The choice of the theme is an essential factor that can cause a lower number of visits. People prefer to create web pages with a general theme.
  • Limitations in communication – Do you save the emails of your visits and send newsletters periodically? If the answer is no, this could be a compelling reason why your page is not getting enough traffic!
  • A bad social reputation – Social networks are a powerful way to generate traffic to a website. A good reputation on social media will help you get more frequent traffic.
  • Inappropriate headlines – Your article headlines may seem ideal to your eyes, but will they be suitable for Google? Search engines read titles in a different way than humans.
  • Property definition does not match website URL – Check that the intention of your Search Console property matches your website URL. Getting confused with the HTTP and https protocols is the most common reason for supposedly low search traffic.

Conclusion –

If you are not sure why your ranking has been removed, look at your above competitors. Watch what they are doing. When you look at the competition, you may discover that you are not doing everything necessary to make your business succeed. The lousy design causes an adverse opinion when entering your page and can make your visits never come back.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you identify website traffic. Website traffic is significant to the health of an online business. If you don’t attract visitors, the chances of converting opportunities into sales are limited.

If you don’t think you can correct the changes on your own, you can hire a company that is dedicated to it. A company with these characteristics can make the changes for you and make your website generate more traffic again.

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