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Google Medic Update – Know What it is

Written by Ankit Saxena

August 29, 2018

Google Medic Update

A big digital marketing update recently encountered from Google which shacked many websites and it is assumed that it affected them adversely.

It came at the end of July but peaked on 1st August when Google rolled out a broad core algorithm update that is updated for the way of a ranking of websites while searching on Google. Everyone is anxious to know what it is and why it has grabbed the interest of huge mass over the internet.

It is now termed as “Medic Update” not because its name is so but because one of the writers Barry Schwartz called it so. Also, the fact cannot be ignored that it has impacted medical, health, fitness, lifestyle-related websites to a large extent which 42% of the impact hence it is termed as a medic update.

Today, every business tries to connect to their customer via websites and put all the relative content and information on the website through the content for ease of people.

When these websites are searched on search engines on the basis of keywords, they are visible in order of their ranking. Till now this was done with a manual by Google with some parameters but this recent update has changed everything for the SEO companies and marketing people.

The updated algorithm says that search would now show results that would match the intent of the searchers. The content that you want to search will better match exactly what you demand.

If you want to know about heart surgery it will give you particular pages about the process and cost of it. As the person who is searching wants to know the same so the irrelevant pages will be removed and the specific pages will be displayed for the searchers.

It can not be said that the impact is only on the health or medical related field which used to stick with your money your life(YMYL).

But this updated algorithm has affected all the websites adversely. Those websites either had pages that used transaction information like online stores, personal information like bank account details, major life issues such as parenting, homes, vehicles, financial advice etc.

The biggest impact is that it has changed the brand search. Most popular brands used to be at the top ranking and small-scale business used to be at lower once. This ranking might also change and online marketing people have to find some strategies for dealing with this.

There were many losers’ and many winners but not the expected one. No one can say how long this ranking will stay, maybe for weeks or for hours. So everyone has the opportunity to be on the top.

This can definitely enhance search engine optimization and take it to a new tour. Maybe it helps even to upgrade themselves and be more specific so that the websites can contain relevant information that searchers want.

If the need for searches will be checked not only ranking there will be an automatic increase in the ranking of the brands as well as business.

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