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Benefits of Google Display Ads for Healthcare Professionals

Written by Ankit Saxena

January 14, 2021

Display Ads for Health Care

Almost every medical field expert knows the importance of internet marketing campaigns for achieving maximum exposure in this digital era.

With this, the practice managers, doctors, and other professionals have their plan designed specifically to improve their search engine rankings with web crawlers like Google.

In fact, they might have also discovered Google’s PPC advertising program, AdWords. But there are still some who are unaware of the opportunities available to them with Google’s most powerful and strong tool, Google display ads.

So, here let’s check out the details one needs to know

What is Google Display Network (GDN)?

Using an AdWords promotion, a business can easily get noticed as the promotion pushes your site to watch SERPs’ top. But GDN differs from it’s slightly.

Google has previously mentioned that GDN reaches about 90% of the internet users globally and expands across two million pages, including Google-owned sites like Gmail and YouTube.

Moreover, it is also expanded to some of the popular outlets of news like the well-known Huffington Post, plus several web pages which are highly devoted in specific towards the medical as well as the healthcare industry.

These ads are displayed when a consumer is searching for the services and appear to them on the related sites and target the lead even when they are not in shopping mode.

This unique and advanced ability to direct and shape the scope reaches the audience easily and makes digital ads a valuable tool for any digital marketing strategy.

Types, Focus, and Formats of AdWords

Though a business can simply go for a text ad, researchers have shown that maximum impact is attained with image ads, which Google places in four categories, namely-

  • Static Ads

This is just what a normal person can imagine- a banner of varying sizes that occupy space on a website. The GDN allows the usage in the most common image file formats, including- the JPEG, or the JPG, or even PNG, and lastly the non-animated GIF. 

  • Animated Ads

This ads’ pattern drives more interest as the audience is drawn to movement rather than on a still display. Further, this type of image benefits by making sure that much information can be included which can be faced by one from one of the still images to finally the next, with no taking up a large amount of page space. They can easily be uploaded as a GIF or SWF. 

  • Interactive Ads

This type of ad encourages input from the users by others, including a link for sign up for a newsletter or showcasing a photo gallery of products asking the users to click for more pictures.

These ads, however, can be uploaded only in SWF format. There have been many studies that show that people are more likely to take action after seeing an interactive ad. However, you must know that static ads bring you a greater number of sites for advertisement. 

  • Video Ads

These ads are eye-catching and it also helps you for displaying or marketing the business on the sites which are helpful for displaying the video content.

Technical & content requirements

You need to know that the GND in no way accepts ads that are larger than 150 KB. Further, reducing the image size of animated or interactive files without compromising the quality is quite challenging.

Therefore, it is always helpful for consulting a professional design and marketing team for adequate help. For sure the animated ads can be at times lubed, they cannot be longer than 15 seconds.

On the other side, GIF format ads must be five frames a second, while a flash ad can be longer, up to 2O frames a second or less.

Google display ads also come with certain guidelines, particularly for the ones who are in the medical profession. Some of those guidelines includes not duplicating site content, making it clear that material is an advertisement, etc.

Also, Google has certain rules regarding adult-oriented content that can somewhat affect health care professionals, particularly in the GYB/OB and plastic surgery.

For instance, images containing exposed skins are not allowed and nor is the sexually suggestive content. Therefore it is better to consult a marketing specialist to get your brand out there without violating any of Google’s rules and conditions.

How to Make Engaging Display Ads

There is no doubt Google advertisement options are a strong and powerful tool, but they are also complicated at the same time. Taking the best out of GDN requires a completely new way of marketing products and services.

You need to be intimately connected with your target audience, like what site they visit or what type of advertisements they respond to.

Further, what will work for a general practice now isn’t going to work for any kind of addictions clinic which are totally inpatient. Therefore, the type of advertisement you choose depends on your business and the clients.


Given the benefits of Google AdWords, one must take benefit of it. However, as it is quite complicated and challenging, so one must seek professional guidance for better results.

Konvert Klicks, they have experience of years in the field of paid search as well as display advertising. They are also highly qualified for helping you and the business so as to assure that you can derive the benefits related to the Google display ads.

Get in touch with them today to get a plan and help you need to increase your business’s visibility.

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