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5 Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Written by Ankit Saxena

February 6, 2019

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the only marketing which stays forever and keeps on updating as per the trends.

And it is one of the most rapidly changing areas in any industry. As a digital marketer, it’s good if you keep yourself updated about all the trends of 2019.

Content marketing is always done in a strategic way and focus on creating innovative content and distributing relevant, valuable, content to attract the targeted audience and to drive profitable customer action.

And to keep the target going here is the ongoing 2019 content marketing trends, which are as follows:

Long-Form Content

Long-Form Content is important because it is more likely able to create online visibility and help in social shares and in link building.

Long content is proven more powerful as per the authorities and industry expertise. It will give your generous audience more material for reading and help them in engaging them.

Remember that – It’s important to provide thoughtful and quality resource information and it should be basic of long-form content and not to waste readers’ time.

According to the facts –

“Long-Form Content looks good on social media than a worthless blog lying on your website.” (source: neilpatel.com)

Webinars, Webcasts & Live Video

Video marketing is predicted to estimate for 82% of global internet traffic by the year 2021.

Be it a diffusion of information or how to use a product, promotion of new services, or boosting sales figures, video marketing growth has come up in a big way.

But before persuading further with Webinars, Webcasts And Live Video keep following points in your mind:
• Video must be engaging and unique
• Video must be mobile-friendly.
• Follow a regular, optimized upload schedule.

Voice Search

Fact –

“3.5 billion searches are performed on Google with voice searches.” (source: www.theedigital.com)

Voice Searches make up almost one-third of searches. Since the progression of voice recognition software, this “voice-to-text” technology integrated as a basic feature on all modern day devices, recent studies show that consumers are using voice search three times more than text searches.

So, it’s better to make your content voice optimized.


The use of Chatbots is also increasing day by day. People loving these chatbots as it saves their time which can be utilized for important tasks.

A quality chatbot can answer any open-ended questions and use natural language processing (NLP).

Chatbots also maintain the standard level of customer service. Additionally, with a chatbot, you can offer 24/7 client service.

Social Media

If we talk about Social Media and starting with Facebook is not a bad idea. Because Facebook continues to govern the social media area based on numbers alone.

Facebook is a useful platform for consumer engagement. You can opt. for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, depending on your targeting audience.

According to facts,

“LinkedIn has achieved 145% growth in its users in the year 2018.” And this percentile will only increase.


To achieve success, you have to make sure you not only have skilled writers but also the quality readers are always hungry for. You also have some best and experienced tech people, brilliant designers, savvy videographers and social media experts who understand each step of the process.

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