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3rd Anniversary of Konvert Klicks

Written by Ankit Saxena

August 23, 2019

Konvert Klicks

A digital marketing company is not just a company, it is a house full of people with special powers. One can write your thoughts, one can make your website look and feel great, one can make it visible to the world, etc.

And, we at Konvertklicks are like a family with special powers. We are happy to announce the successful three years of Konvertklicks in the world of digital marketing.

Let’s move forward and know more about how Konvertklicks started and how prosperous were these three years.

About Konvert Klicks –

Konvert Klicks Pvt. Ltd. is an idea of two innovative minds who wanted something special which they can call as their own. They started working on the idea of opening a digital marketing company, which was later named as Konvert Klicks.

The initial practices for setting up a company started in the year 2015 but it took almost a year to get set ready with everything. And, today we are here, celebrating the third anniversary of Konvert Klicks. But as well know, “No Pain No Gain“. There was a time when a company has only one project – SQUAD Infotech. And, there was also a time when the company has to cut down the salaries of its co-founders, just to keep going. Also,

“The struggle you’re in today, is developing the strength you need for tomorrow”

With all these struggles we have come this far and completed this beautiful journey. After all, business and life both become boring without ups and downs. But we never QUIT. Because

“Strength and Growth come with continuous EFFORTS and STRUGGLE.”



The best and our first ever project SQUAD Infotech never leaves our side and stays even in our struggling days. We are really very grateful to them because they believe in our faith and hard work. As we know hard-work pays off.

SQUAD Infotech started a joint venture with Konvert Klicks name as Squad Digital. This joint venture has established a relationship between both the companies in a more elegant manner. We can proudly say that they have our back and we can look upon them whenever needed.
A great and big THANKS to SQUAD Infotech for their support and love.

Our other client Mr. Anthony, has had so much trust on Konvert Klicks that he hand-over all his projects to us. He is a big businessman in Australia with a turnover of billions, but still, he chooses us to due to our hard work and excellent working abilities. Mr. Anthony gave us the second biggest project running till date. And we are thankful to him for this chance.

“Happy Third Anniversary to Konvert Klicks”

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