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Why Logo Design Is Crucial For Your Business?

Written by Ankit Saxena

June 16, 2020

When do you think about a brand in your mind what is the first thing that you see? It’s undoubtedly the logo of the brand. Hence, its evident that logo is vital for brands. Your company’s logo is the public face of your brand; that’s how your brand is identified in the market. It grabs attention and makes a strong first impression. Therefore you must have an effective logo design that remains memorable and stands out from the lot.

Here are a few reasons why logo design is essential for any business

  • It grabs attention – with hundreds of brands popping up every day, consumers’ attention span has reduced. To be precise, companies have only 2 seconds to convince potential customers about their products and consider them. Here the logo plays a unique role. It grabs customers’ attention and communicates the core value of the company interestingly. Therefore, companies must have a solid logo that grabs attention and speaks for the company.
  • It makes a strong first impression – the company’s first introduction to consumers is a logo. A well-designed logo piques the interest of visitors and leaves a strong first impression. An excellent first impression immediately communicates ownership over the product you sell and attract visitors to proceed in buying.
  • It’s the foundation of your brand identity – every brand tells a story, and if the story grabs customers’ emotions, it marks the success of your brand. A logo serves as the foundation for the entire narrative on which a brand is built.
  • It is memorable – your logo leads your audience to your brand. For your brand, it is the point of identification, a symbol that helps customers recognize your brand. A good logo that is aesthetically pleasing triggers positive recall and stays memorable. Chances are, some of your customers will forget the name of your business, but they will immediately recognize your logo with their memory.
  • It makes you stand alone – your brand logo tells people why your brand is unique. With the help of the right icon and fonts, your logo can effectively communicate everything about your company, its background as well as its mission and vision. It is the forum to convey your values to your customers and why you are not like your competitors.
  • Logo fosters brand loyalty – consumers crave consistency, and if your brand grows and your logo becomes more familiar, it will create a perception that you are trustworthy and accessible. A well-designed logo builds trust, and brand loyalty is quick to follow.
  • Customers look for the logo of your brand – when customers go out to buy something, the first thing they want to see is the brand name and logo. Your logo establishes your customers’ communication with your brand. Therefore your brand logo should be in front of all your marketing materials such as advertisements, products, cards, flyers, etc.

Therefore, it is quite evident that if you don’t have an effective logo, you are missing an opportunity to make your brand stick in the minds of the customers. But the task of designing a logo is not that easy; it requires proper research and a well-planned strategy. For that long-lasting impression of your logo, here’s what that should be in it.

  1. A design that conveys the essence of the brand– a logo design must deliver an honest impression of your business philosophy. It should send to the audience why your brand is special and unique. If the logo’s foundation is an authentic brand philosophy, then the audience will perceive it with more confidence. Therefore it is just that before designing a logo, study your brand. If you succeed in building a brand identity through your logo, your audience can easily relate with you and give a significant advantage. Another point that you must keep in mind before designing the logo is the need of the target audience. Your knowledge about your target audience must influence your approach to logo design.
  2. An impressive style choice– the first logo design to consider is the style choice. Go through these five types of logo styles that will help you to design a logo –

1. Wordmarks – it is exclusively made up of texts, ideally the brand name. New businesses are the perfect choice since name recognition, and awareness are essential for new companies. Wordmarks focus entirely on the brand name with no additional distractions.

2. Brandmarks – it is exclusively for the businesses that can depict their brand name through a symbol or an image. It is an ideal choice for companies already having a firm brand name.

3. Combination marks – it includes both, a brand name as well as a brand image or symbol. This choice of style explains your story in a much elaborative way to your audiences.

4. Emblems – emblems, just like combination marks, include text and symbol, but the only difference is that the book is incorporated within the image. Therefore the design is inflexible, unlike combination marks.

5. Letter marks – it is ideal for companies with long brand names. They can use letter marks to use some form of abbreviation.

Your business name

Include your business name in your brand, especially when your brand is a new one. When your brand is unique, it is only the name of your company that is the brand identifier for you. Therefore include your brand name in your logo design. It is advisable not to use any extra text that can make your logo difficult to read.

A relevant color scheme

When you design your logo, choose the colors smartly as colors say a lot about your brand and also increases your brand recognition. Also, your color choice should be influenced by your target audience preferences. You can study a bit of color psychology and make use of it to design an impressive logo that connects with the target audience.

To convey your brand personality, an effective logo is essential. Therefore companies must make a reasonable choice of style, color, and brand name to make it pay off in the long run and make a long-lasting impression.


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