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How to Take Care Of Yourself During Coronavirus Pandemic

Written by Ankit Saxena

May 21, 2020

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the entire world is under lockdown. Every business, small or large, is closed except a few sectors. Many companies are still working with most of the workforce work from home. Konvert Klicks and its team is working work from home with full strength and managing all the work to keep every team member safe during this pandemic situation. Our team is not just working from their remote locations but also supporting each other during this tough situation.

Konvert Klicks is managing all their elite clients while working from home, giving them 100% and striving to give their best for clients’ satisfaction. For operating smoothly and conveniently, Konvert Klicks team is using different technologies to keep every one every time updated like using the Bitrix24 tool to manage daily work. For meetings, we are using Google Meet twice a day to interact and discuss the status of work. We are also regularly updating through mail and WhatsApp chat groups.

Here are a few self-care tips for all our readers to improve the productivity and efficiency of our team members who are working from home and keeping them motivated.

  • Stay active

    Long hours in front of a laptop can easily make a person lethargic. Therefore, it is perfect to do some exercises for both mental and physical health. Only half an hour of exercise is useful in giving the results. It is unnecessary to do heavy exercises; you can simply do stretching or yoga, or Zumba or dancing can do wonders. 

  • Tame your mind

    Negative news on coronavirus coming from all around the globe can easily stress you out; therefore, 10 minutes of meditation is necessary. If meditation is not for you then try some online mindfulness apps that will help in keeping your stress at bay. 

  • Make a meal 

    During regular working days making meals can sound tough but during the time of crisis making meals can be a therapy for your mind and body. Indulge into cooking some healthy meals for yourself and for your family members. If cooking is not your type then take some simple recipes for the starter.

  • Watch a movie 

    Once in a while watching some interesting movies or binge-watching can be a great idea to stay away from news and social media. Limit your media intake and indulge in some nice movies that are available in an online platform.

  • Play some music 

    Make a music playlist for yourself and play it in slow volume while working and loud when not. Dance to the tunes and let your tensions, and worries fade away. There is nothing in this world that music cannot repair and stress and anxiety are no exception. Music can also make your boring and gloomy days happy and exciting. Therefore take a short break and prepare your music playlist.

  • Clean the mess 

    When you are working from home it is hard to get that working environment. Therefore clean the mess around and do a little push and pull to get an office like feel. Set the furniture and your gadgets in a way that shall give you an office ambiance and motivate you to work. Also take a short break when needed and try and declutter your worktable, your room, living area or the kitchen. A clean area gives the positive vibes that is the need of the hour.

  • Read something interesting 

    Don’t pick up that newspaper or switch on the news channel if you want to stay stress-free. If you have some unread novels at home, pick one and start reading. If you are more of that online types then read a book online. There are thousands of books available in an online platform that you can read by paying a minimal amount for annual or monthly subscription.

  • Fulfill your dreams 

    If you were interested in learning something during your school or college days but due to the rat race you could not fulfill your dream then this is the time. Pick up that guitar lying under your window or take out that paintbox from your closet and start it now. It is never too late to achieve your dreams.

  • Get back to your hobby 

    If you had a hobby that can be anything like making candles or knitting and likewise then get back to it. Hobbies are a kind of meditation that is efficient enough to keep your tensions away. 

  • Pamper your body

    Give your body that extra care that it has always longed for. Make a face pack at home or a hair mask and pamper your body. You can also take long bathing sessions and refresh your mind and body. Manicure and pedicure sessions at home can also revive your body.

This is indeed a stressful time, and the whole world is trying to survive through it. We at Konvert Klicks understand how much it is necessary to stay positive during these gloomy times. Hence take these self care advice from us and try and lead a healthy and stress-free life.

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